German vice chancellor rejects Trump's German car remarks

Germany's vice chancellor, responding to an interview with President-elect Donald Trump in daily Bild, has rejected threats by Trump to put tariffs of up to 35 percent on German automakers if they set up plants in Mexico instead of the U.S.

CIA director talks Trump, Russia

CIA Director John Brennan talks with Fox News about President-elect Trump and Russia.

Trump Country: PA supporters demand ObamaCare fix

Pennsylvania voters react to brewing Capitol Hill fight over the future of health care in America

How The White House Prepares For The Next…

Former White House staffer Anita McBride reveals what goes on behind the scenes on Inauguration Day.

Report: White House Press Corps May No Longer Be…

Three senior officials talked to Esquire about potentially moving the press corps elsewhere, though the report only names one official.

DeVos to face questions over schools…

Charter school advocate Betsy DeVos is expected to push for an expansion of school choice programs if confirmed as education secretary, prompting pushback by teachers unions

States can offer a lesson as GOP proposes deep…

President-elect Donald Trump and congressional Republicans have pledged to cut federal taxes to boost the economy

22 House Democrats to skip inauguration

A growing number of Democratic lawmakers are boycotting President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration, particularly after revelations of Russia's alleged meddling in the 2016 election and his rebuke of civil rights icon John Lewis on Saturday.

Bikers for Trump say they have the…

Biker group prepares to provide protection on Inauguration Day

Trump Says He Might End Obama's Sanctions Against…

Obama sanctioned Russia over its alleged meddling in the U.S. election, but Trump says he might eventually lift those sanctions.

How Fox News Helped A Historically Black School…

Donations flooded in for the Talladega College marching band after the school's president went on "The O'Reilly Factor."

Israeli minister says Trump offers Palestinians…

Netanyahu aide: Trump presidency could be chance for Palestinians to return to talks with more 'realistic' expectations

Inauguration in sight, Trump continues Twitter…

President-elect Donald Trump is continuing to lash out at critics in the intelligence community and Democrats in Congress who are vowing to skip his swearing-in ceremony

Pence: Trump camp had no contact with Russia

Speaking on Fox News, Vice President-elect Mike Pence wrote off allegations that the Trump campaign had contacts with Russia as an attempt to "delegitimize the election."

Clinton Global Initiative shutting down

Organization filed notice it will close in April

From Rivals To 'Brothers': A Look Back On The…

Their nearly decadelong relationship has given us plenty of memorable moments.

Rep. John Lewis Doesn't Think Trump Is 'A…

Rep. John Lewis told NBC News he won't be attending President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration.

Pound sags amid 'hard Brexit' signals ahead of…

The British pound fell to a three-month low amid reports Prime Minister Theresa May will signal her willingness to make a clean break with the European Union

Obama issues warning on 1st anniversary of Iran…

President Barack Obama is marking the first anniversary of the Iran nuclear deal by warning the Trump administration that it can't easily be undone and is preferable to war

Rand Paul: "I will vote for Rex Tillerson"

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul Tells Jake Tapper that he will vote to confirm Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson

Mike Pence: I'm so disappointed in Rep. Lewis

Vice president-elect weighs in on 'Fox & Friends' on Democrat calling Trump's presidency 'illegitimate'

After Tweets, House Oversight Chair Looking Into…

Rep. Jason Chaffetz sent a letter to the director of the Office of Government Ethics on Thursday.

Steve Harvey Offers To Help The Trump…

The comedian and TV host said he was inspired by President Obama to reach out and have a conversation.

State summaries: Two-thirds of states face budget challenges

State summaries: Two-thirds of states face budget challenges

Biden: Trump should retain sanctions on Russia

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, on a last foreign trip before leaving office, has met with Ukraine's president and called on the impending Donald Trump administration to retain Ukraine-related sanctions against Russia

Trump 'asking for names' concerned Obama W.H.

White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough says that the Obama White Hosue was "concerned" with the Trump transition team asking for names of career staffers

Inauguration: What you DON'T know

From Presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower to Barack Obama, find out who got lassoed and who was the last president to wear a stovepipe hat. Watch and learn!

This time, inaugural fashion is intertwined with politics

People across the globe are always fascinated by what the incoming U.S. first lady is wearing to the inauguration

Muted reaction in Russia to Trump's talk of nuclear arms cut

Suggestions by U.S. President-elect Donald Trump that sanctions against Russia could be lifted in exchange for a nuclear arms cut have attracted a frosty reception in Moscow