How a Trump tariff could sideswipe US auto industry

The threat from President Donald Trump to tax Mexican-made cars sold in the U.S. would throw the industry into disarray, analysts say, forcing some uncomfortable choices: Raise car prices or swallow the cost

What is being done to save Obamacare?

President Trump has vowed to cut funding to Planned Parenthood and repeal Obamacare, which has triggered a backlash across the country. CNN's Miguel Marquez reports.

Border Angels director: Trump immigration…

Tucker takes on activist who says Trump's immigration reform plan is inhumane and racist and asks why is it wrong to control who comes into your country? #Tucker

Letter Says Trump Resigned From His Companies…

The Trump Organization has released the president's letter of resignation from almost 500 companies.

White House Press Secretary Has A Feud...with…

Press Secretary Sean Spicer has been very vocal about his dislike of the company. Buzz60's Emily Drooby (@emilydrooby) has the story.

Pompeo Confirmed For CIA Head, Rex Tillerson…

President Trump's CIA director pick was confirmed Monday, and his secretary of state is moving on for confirmation from the Senate.

Minnesota governor eyes fast return to work after collapse

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton plans to return to work Tuesday after collapsing during a Monday night speech

Senate to vote on CIA director

The Senate is on track to confirm President Donald Trump's pick to run the CIA and is expected to vote on his nomination Monday evening

Ethics lawsuit filed against Donald Trump

The Trump Organization released documents saying President Donald Trump has resigned from positions in hundreds of Trump businesses, but bipartisan ethics watchdogs don't think it's enough. CNN's Dana Bash reports.

Watters' World: Inauguration reaction edition

Jesse Watters asks the folks about President Trump's inaugural address on 'The O'Reilly Factor'

Proposed Republican Health Care Plan Allows…

Republican's first proposal for replacing Obamacare will give states three options — including keeping Obamacare in place.

Here's What the Women's March Organizers Want to…

Saturday's Women's March was proof that a small group of people can create change as more than a million protestors showed up in cities all over the country. Angeli Kakade (@angelikakade) has the story

Spicer Pledges To 'Never Knowingly Say Something…

A reporter asked White House press secretary Sean Spicer about his inaccurate statement on the size of the inauguration crowd.

Energy panel postpones votes on Energy, Interior nominees

A Senate panel has postponed votes on the nominations of Rick Perry for Energy Secretary and Ryan Zinke to head the Interior Department

Minnesota Gov. Dayton, 69, collapses during speech

Gov. Mark Dayton collapsed while delivering his State of the State speech on Monday, striking his head on a lectern

Rep. Mike Pompeo confirmed as CIA director

The Senate confirmed Mike Pompeo, President Donald Trump's pick for CIA director. The vote was 66-32 in favor of confirmation.

Will Democrats cooperate with President Trump?

'The O'Reilly Factor' examines bipartisan partnership

Kellyanne Conway 'Didn't See The Point' Of The…

She said on ABC's "This Week" that people could have opted for "a dialogue," rather than "a diatribe."

With The Stroke Of A Pen, Trump Pulls The US From…

Among other actions, President Donald Trump signed a memorandum withdrawing the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

California governor speech comes amid shifting politics

Gov. Jerry Brown is delivering his annual State of the State address coming off a year of liberal wins but with California in a defensive posture under a Trump administration

Changes mulled as synthetic drug sentences cause…

The independent panel that sets federal sentencing policy is studying how courts should handle cases involving synthetic drugs

Executive orders: one thing you need to know

The one thing you need to know about executive orders and actions. CNN's Stephen Collinson explains.

Donald Trump on the job

'The O'Reilly Factor': Bill O'Reilly's Talking Points 1/23

Chelsea Clinton Blasts Barron Trump's Internet…

Chelsea Clinton defended President Trump's son Barron on Twitter after internet trolls attacked the 10-year-old.

Trump Promises To 'Massively' Reduce Taxes…

During a meeting with top business leaders, Trump pledged to cut taxes and regulations for businesses — as long as they keep their jobs in the U.S.

Senate roll vote confirming Mike Pompeo to be CIA director

Senate Roll Vote: Mike Pompeo confirmed to be director of the Central Intelligence Agency

Trump wrongly blames fraud for loss of popular…

President Donald Trump asserted in a private meeting with congressional leaders on Monday night that he would have won the popular vote in the 2016 election if 3 to 5 million immigrants living in the country illegally hadn't voted

Internet mocks 'alternative facts'

Internet makes fun of "alternative facts." CNN's Jeanne Moos reports on the alternative facts follies.

Anti-President Trump tirade goes viral

Man on the receiving end of the tirade tells his side of the story on 'The First 100 Days'