German vice chancellor rejects Trump's German car remarks

Germany's vice chancellor, responding to an interview with President-elect Donald Trump in daily Bild, has rejected threats by Trump to put tariffs of up to 35 percent on German automakers if they set up plants in Mexico instead of the U.S.

John Kerry takes stock in last week on the job

With just days until Donald Trump takes office, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry speaks with Christiane Amanpour.

Did President Obama usher in a new era of…

Reaction from Bret Baier, anchor of 'Special Report'

Obama Administration Urges Donald Trump To 'Reach…

Dozens of Democratic lawmakers are boycotting Trump's inauguration after he criticized Georgia congressman and civil rights icon John Lewis.

How The White House Prepares For The Next…

Former White House staffer Anita McBride reveals what goes on behind the scenes on Inauguration Day.

US official says Orlando shooter's widow has been…

A U.S. law enforcement official says the FBI has arrested the wife of the Orlando nightclub shooter

Obama celebrates World Series champion Chicago Cubs

President Barack Obama is celebrating the World Series champion Chicago Cubs before he leaves office on Friday

Son of Martin Luther King Jr. Meets With Trump

Martin Luther King Jr. III addresses media after meeting with President-elect Donald Trump.

Martin Luther King III: We must become a greater…

Addresses the media after meeting with President-elect Trump

Report: White House Press Corps May No Longer Be…

Three senior officials talked to Esquire about potentially moving the press corps elsewhere, though the report only names one official.

Trump Says He Might End Obama's Sanctions Against…

Obama sanctioned Russia over its alleged meddling in the U.S. election, but Trump says he might eventually lift those sanctions.

State summaries: Two-thirds of states face budget challenges

State summaries: Two-thirds of states face budget challenges

The Latest: Media commentator Crowley not joining…

Conservative media commentator Monica Crowley will not be joining the Trump administration following accusations of plagiarism

Things that come up often in inaugural speeches

Times and presidents change, but these things keep coming up in inaugural addresses.

Inauguration preparations under way in Washington

Adam Shapiro reports from the parade route

How Fox News Helped A Historically Black School…

Donations flooded in for the Talladega College marching band after the school's president went on "The O'Reilly Factor."

From Rivals To 'Brothers': A Look Back On The…

Their nearly decadelong relationship has given us plenty of memorable moments.

North Dakota lawmakers want more time on medical pot rules

North Dakota lawmakers say the state needs more time to craft rules to oversee the state's voter-approved medical marijuana law

Israeli minister says Trump offers Palestinians…

Netanyahu aide: Trump presidency could be chance for Palestinians to return to talks with more 'realistic' expectations

Kerry: Trump's comments were 'inappropriate'

John Kerry says an exclusive interview that it was "inappropriate" for Trump to "be stepping in to the politics of other countries in a quite direct manner."

Media uproar over Trump's team idea to move WH…

Bias Bash: Erin McPike weighs in on the debate over comments made by Sean Spicer

Rep. John Lewis Doesn't Think Trump Is 'A…

Rep. John Lewis told NBC News he won't be attending President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration.

After Tweets, House Oversight Chair Looking Into…

Rep. Jason Chaffetz sent a letter to the director of the Office of Government Ethics on Thursday.

Ivanka Trump to continue working on women's issues

She may not be working in the White House, but that doesn't mean Ivanka Trump is staying out of politics

Revelers, rally-goers to clog DC for Trump's…

Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to clog the nation's capital for Donald Trump's inauguration and a major demonstration the day after, but how many will actually arrive to party or protest is an open question

Ivanka Trump's impact on Washington

Ivanka Trump is poised to become one of the most influential -- and powerful -- first daughters in US history. CNN's Gloria Borger reports.

Will GOP get on board to Trump's 'insurance for…

Strategy Room: Brad Bauman and Brian Morgenstern on the battle over health care

Steve Harvey Offers To Help The Trump…

The comedian and TV host said he was inspired by President Obama to reach out and have a conversation.

US official says wife of Orlando shooter has been arrested for obstruction

US official says wife of Orlando shooter has been arrested for obstruction