Affleck, Scorsese Drop Bombs

Meanwhile, 'Hidden Figures' isn't so hidden for a second week in a row

Selena Gomez Boyfriend Breakdown: 4 Guys She…

The internet was set ablaze after it was revealed that Selena Gomez was spotted kissing R&B artist The Weeknd. This is certainly the most adult relationship for the 24-year-old singer and actress to this point. Let's take a look back at some other romances that have entered Selena's life over the years. Who do you think was or would be the perfect boyfriend for Selena Gomez? Let us know in the comments below.

Police: 5 killed in shooting at nightclub at Mexican resort

A Mexican police officer says a gunman has killed at least five people and wounded nine others at a nightclub in the Caribbean coast resort of Playa del Carmen

Woody Harrelson goes live from London, talks…

Woody Harrelson is trying to do something that's never been done before, although he's starting to realize why his feat would be a first

Prince Charles' New Picture Book Isn't Really For…

The British royal co-authored an illustrated book about climate change.

Johnny Depp Sues Managers for $25M

Alleges firm failed to pay taxes, overspent; managers blame his 'profligate spending'

The Top 5 Craziest Kylie Jenner Rumors

We hear it all the time from stars- "that’s a rumor," "tabloid trash," "complete lie." Sometimes the rumors are actually true and celebrities don’t want anyone to know. But other times, these ridiculous claims are totally wrong. Poor Kylie Jenner has to deal with this a lot, but that’s the price you have to pay for being a celebrity. Here’s our countdown of the top 5 false rumors about Kylie Jenner.

Khloe Kardashian's Ex Lamar Odom: "I Want My Wife…

Lamar Odom was on an episode of The Dr.'s, where he talked about his time in rehab, as well as his ex Khloe Kardashian. His feelings for her are as strong as ever, and he's not ready to let go. Odom plainly stated, "I want my wife back" when asked about Khloe. She is now dating another basketball star, Cleveland Cavaliers center Tristan Thompson. Heather and Ryan discuss whether it's fair for Lamar to interfere and be so public about trying to get his ex back. What do you think? Should he move on, or should the couple give it one more chance? Join the conversation in the comments below.

DuVernay talks with Winfrey about Trump, race…

Filmmaker Ava DuVernay talks Trump, race and change as she discusses her new Netflix documentary, '13th,' with Oprah Winfrey and political commentator Van Jones

SNL Brings on the Pee Jokes

Beavis and Butthead Trump, Putin also stop by Trump's presser

President Obama's Last 'Dad' Joke is Classic…

Barack Obama makes one final dad joke as president, and the punchline is nothing short classic Obama. Known for his cool demeanor and goofy sense of humor, president Barack Obama is signing off with one final pun, just days before he leaves office. On Friday, a rover exploring Mars tweeted about carrying the president’s signature to the surface of the planet, writing, “signed, sealed, delivered. I carried POTUS’s signature to the surface of Mars.” Impressed, Obama replied to the message on Twitter saying “That is out of this world. Thanks @nasa.” And this week certainly felt like finals week for the Obamas when Michelle Obama made her final TV appearance as first lady on the Tonight Show Michelle chatted with Jimmy Fallon, just one night after Barack made his farewell address. Michelle then participated in jimmy’s “thank you note” segment, where she brought out a few ‘mom’ jokes of her own. Writing a faux letter to her husband, she said “thank you Barack for proving you’re not a lame duck, but my very own silver fox.”

50 Shades Star Dakota Johnson Talks S&M in Vogue…

Dakota Johnson is opening up about sex, S&M, and her strange interests. In the latest issue of Vogue, Dakota tells the magazine that she is kind of into S&M. "First of all, there are some very chic avenues in BDSM. It can be very beautiful and tasteful, and the materials can be luxurious.” She continues: "But what I admire is the bravery and the honesty of people who get down with it, who aren't afraid to say that they need something a bit more in order to get off. America is still so sexually oppressed. Isn't God's gift to humans the orgasm?” The actress added that when she films a movie, she would like to feel as though she is not making the film for anyone but herself and signaled that she had a personal interest in making the first ‘Fifty Shades of Grey.’ “The thing about Fifty Shades is that even if it's commercial and mainstream, the subject matter isn’t. In that way I can do something mass but stay true to my weird interests.” ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ is set for release on February 13, just in time for Valentines Day.

The Big Apple Circus puts its assets up for auction

The Big Apple Circus is up for sale

Taylor Swift Teases New Music Video in Zayn Malik…

Taylor Swift is basically queen of making cute posts for her friends on their birthdays. Her whole feed is basically one big birthday card. No seriously, have you guys ever noticed? But yesterday, Taylor posted maybe, probably, definitely the best birthday wish she’s ever posted. And while it was sweet, it was more like a gift for all us. Here take a look. In her latest post, she wished Zayn Malik a very happy 24th birthday with what looks to be a teaser of their new music video for “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever”. The track, of course, is from the new Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack and in true Taylor fashion, made it way to the top of the charts as soon as it dropped. Taylor captioned what looks to be dramatic still of a video saying "happy Z day.” Last month, Zayn talked about his collaboration with Taylor and said it was thanks, in part, to his girlfriend Gigi Hadid's friendship with the singer. Who we all know by now is a key player in Taylor’s girl squad. Speaking of Gigi, she also took to Instagram to wish her boy a happy birthday, posting a shot with the caption “happy birthday my handsome! So lucky to know and love a soul like yours. Wishing you the best year ever!” Rumors were spinning that Gigi may also make a cameo in their music video because she was also spotted in London at the same time the video was being shot. This wouldn’t be the first time Gigi was in a music video with Zayn, and it wouldn’t be a first for her and Taylor as well. Gigi starred in Zayn’s ‘Pillowtalk’ music video and Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ video. The new Fifty Shades movie is just weeks away, so we don’t think we’ll have to “wait” much longer to see the full video and find out if this prediction is true!

4 Kylie Jenner Royal Peach Palette Dupes

Were you unable to get your hands on the Kylie Jenner Royal Peach Palette? No? Neither did I. So now it's time to improvise. No need to worry. I've got 4 GREAT, reasonably priced dupes that you can use to look like a day-one Kylie Cosmetics Royal Peach Palette customer.

Fantastic! Mara and Bell of 'Fantastic Four" are engaged

Spokeswoman: Kate Mara and her "Fantastic Four" co-star Jamie Bell are engaged

Russian performance artists requests asylum in France

A controversial Russian performance artist says he has requested asylum in France after being informed of rape charges against him

After 146 Years, 'Greatest Show on Earth' Closes

The American icon is felled by attendance, costs, animal rights concerns

Kylie Jenner and Selena Gomez Debut New Short…

Kylie Jenner and Selena Gomez both just got dramatic new looks, and may have just started the first beauty trend of 2017. First off, Kylie posted a photo on Instagram showing off new platinum blond hair and a super short bob. I think Kylie looks stunning but let’s be real she’s basically unrecognizable! Looks like Kylie took the whole “new year, new me” thing very seriously. But this isn’t really out of the ordinary for Kylie. We’ve seen her rock pretty much every hair cut, color, and style imaginable. And I’m starting to wonder if she has some sort of hair style bucket list? Seriously, is there a look she hasn’t tried? And then there’s queen Selena who is usually less likely to take style risks, but can virtually pull off any look ever. Unlike Kylie, Selena kept her natural hair color but just revealed a much shorter do, when her beauty team posted a behind-the-scenes photo literally an hour after Kylie. Her makeup artist even teased the photo saying it was for a “secret” project. Perhaps it’s the same project that was behind this recent shot of Selena. But just when you thought this was it for celebs debuting this particular new look, think again! Because Shay Mitchell also just rocked this shorter look. Do you guys think this a hair trend that’s going to last? And so far, who wore it best? Kylie or Selena? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

UK leader Theresa May to appear in US Vogue…

British Prime Minister Theresa May is set to appear in the American edition of Vogue magazine

'Star Wars: Episode IX' Won't Digitally Recreate…

Carrie Fisher's death could mean big changes for "Star Wars: Episode IX."

Robin Thicke Calls Cops to Paula Patton's Home

Son Julian reportedly refused to leave with him

Bella Hadid Declares WAR Against Selena Gomez on…

Bella Hadid is doing her best to let The Weeknd know what he's been missing since he left her and started dating her ex-bestie Selena Gomez. Bella snapped this selfie not too long after Selena's steamy photo surfaced online showcasing her backside. The timing seems too convenient to be coincidence, but it looks like this feud could get ugly. Bella unfollowed Selena after news of her public PDA session with the Weeknd hit the web. Who's got the hotter selfie, Bella or Selena? Let us know in the comments below.

Another Celeb Backs Out of Inauguration After…

Jennifer Holliday apologizes to fans