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Nuclear Smugglers Seek ISIS Buyers

Nightmare for the West coming true in Moldova

Mother-son bond over guns links Oregon, Connecticut slayings

Son of a gun lover: Killer and mom shared a fascination with firearms, shot targets together

6,000 Federal Prisoners Could Get Early Release Next Month

Thanks to retroactive sentencing reforms, 6,000 federal prisoners could be getting out of jail at the start of November.

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Shaquille O'Neal & Wyclef Jean Sing "My Girl" Together

Shaq took his singing talents back to his alma mater, Barry University. He and singer Wyclef Jean jumped on the mic at the school's 75th anniversary party for a duet of "My Girl." Check it out.

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Watch What Happens When GQ Tries Every Pumpkin Spice-Flavored Snack

Watch as GQ and Ben Schwartz from 'Parks and Recreation' taste test every gross pumpkin spice-flavored food.

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Man Fired Over Facebook Post About Coworker's Son

His friends made a slew of racist comments on the post

Tom Hanks finds student's ID card, sends tweet to find her

Actor Tom Hanks finds student's lost ID card in New York, sends tweet to find her

Yanks still have not led playoff game since Jeter got hurt

Losing meekly against Astros, Yankees still have not led in playoff game since Jeter got hurt

Tim Layden on the Great Jim Brown

The MMQB's Peter King and Sports Illustrated's Tim Layden discuss the legend of Jim Brown.

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Powerball Winner Immediately Quits 'Nasty, Dirty' Job

'I don't want to work there no more'

Right-to-die backers say California helps fight elsewhere

Right-to-die advocates say California victory emboldens push for legislation in other states

Study: Higher temps, more fires, 1,000 years ago in Rockies

Study: Higher temperatures burned more wilderness in Rocky Mountain region 1,000 years ago

Colorado man gets probation in fossil importation case

Boulder, Colorado, man gets probation on admission of understating value of fossils from China

Wounded Army Vet Has Therapy Dog Serve As Best Man For Wedding

Dressed in a specially-made shirt adorned with the soldier's badges, he spent the rest of the night charming guests.

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Samsung estimates its 3Q operating profit surged 80 percent

Samsung estimates its operating profit surged 80 percent in the 3rd quarter

Oregon shooter's mother wrote about guns in online forum

In online forum, Oregon shooter's mother wrote about guns, medical issues

VW CEO: recall of cars hit by scandal to begin in January

Volkswagen CEO: recall of vehicles affected by emissions scandal should begin in January

Woman punched by patrol officer detained on same LA freeway

Woman punched by state patrol officer detained after walking on same Los Angeles freeway

US to Toyota: How Is ISIS Getting Your Trucks, SUVs?

Carmaker says it's cooperating with inquiry

Search for answers begins in sinking of US cargo ship

Search for answers begins in sinking of US cargo ship during powerful Hurricane Joaquin

Is Smart Technology Making Us Dumb?

This debate short is part of a series co-produced by Intelligence Squared and Newsy.

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Viral Video Star Claims To Have Had Gay Relationship With Kordell Stewart

Viral video star Andrew Caldwell, who claimed to have been cured of homosexuality, has made another claim. This time it's about former quarterback Kordell Stewart. Caldwell claims that he and Stewart had a relationship.

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What We Can Do With Asteroid Water

Engineers are working to mine asteroids for water that could help power rockets.

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Woman Killed After GPS Takes Her to Wrong Street

Regina Murmura, 70, was shot in Brazil slum and died in hospital